Receiptify – How to Make Your Spotify & Apple Music Receipt

Receiptify is a website that provides data regarding your musical downloading activity by allowing you to check your top streamed tunes across three periods of time: every day, the six months prior to that, and each month before. This post will explain how it operates so that you may use it to generate a receipt for oneself.

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Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

An Overview of Receiptify

Receiptify is a “top song creator” that gathers data on what songs you’ve played to in the six months prior to this one. It detects your music library on Spotify hearing data and generates a sales invoice listing your top tracks by date of playtime. 

Receiptify takes its name after the reality that it distributes real receipts. Posting these photographs on the internet can give those who follow a glimpse into your musical choices. Add your Spotify consideration, and it will generate a personalized, printable, and accessible invoice tailored to your song-listening patterns. 

Receiptify Login Here

It displays the highest 10 songs, the identity of the performers, the duration, as well as an identification number to complete the ticket’s look. You could also find your name and the time period on the paperwork in order to confirm that it belongs to you.

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

How Does Receiptify Work?

  • You may quickly and simply make invoices for your favorite songs by visiting Check that your internet browser supports pop-up windows. Once you get to the Receiptify website’s home page, you’ll be asked to sign in using your account on Spotify. You need to sign in for the mobile device to see your songs and playing habits.
  • You have to pick a time window. You may examine the invoice with the top tracks from just this month, the previous six months, or any other of the applications. Receiptify will provide you a professionally printed customized receipt detailing the top hits on your profile throughout different time frames if you scroll down to every choice.
  • You may use this tool to observe how your musical choices have evolved over time. If you accept the rules and illnesses the application will take care of the rest. Create an inventory of the best 10 songs on your cell phone that you’ve played to the greatest.

Receiptify Login Here

How do you save and share the newly created receipt?

You are going to get an electronic version of your unique Spotify receipt. The ‘amount’ you spent on the soundtrack, in addition to the title of the tune and the musician’s name provided beneath the title, will tell you what length it is. When the receipt is generated, a “download picture” option will display. You may photograph the receipt from your computer.

By tapping the file download option, you can then save it to the device you are using. Publishing the receipt on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is the same as publishing any other piece of material. It displays your top 10 songs, the musicians’ labels, and the price of each music, in addition to a QR code to simulate a receipt. 

How Do I Make a Spotify Collection and Download the Songs?

  • Spotify is a popular internet music company that offers countless tracks. You have to make an invoice if you want to keep anything of the tunes you listen to. This tutorial will show you the proper way to do so.
  • To get started, download Spotify and sign up. Then, located on the upper left side of the display, choose all three lines (the menu bar). Choose “Settings” after that “Downloads” from the menu that appears.

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

  • According to “Downloads,” you’ll discover a list of each track you’ve listened to on Spotify. To save an audio file, hover over it and select “Download.” Eventually, you’ll be asked whether you want to save the item to the drives or add it to your music library’s playlist.
  • If you download the tune to your personal computer, you may transfer it to a cell phone or another audio device. Furthermore, when you add the song to your Profile, it is going to be promptly added to your music library and rendered accessible for subsequent listening.

How to Save a Receipt File

Adding an accounting history to your profile on Spotify is straightforward, which might help you maintain a record on your audio usage. Here’s the way to do it:

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

  • Log in to the account you have on Spotify.
  • Tap the Settings button under the cog icon in the the upper-right side of the welcome the monitor.
  • “Receipts” may be found underneath “Account & Settings.”
  • Choose “Create Receipt” using the menu that appears. If you don’t have an acceptable payment technique, sign up for Spotify Premium with no obligation or try our 30-day trial for free.
  • Fill in the required fields and then select “Create Receipt.” The receipt can be produced and sent to the contact information you supplied.
  • Choose the “Close” option to return to the standard receipt screen. The document you received file is currently ready for reading, the printing process, or saving.

How to Uninstall Receiptify via Your Spotify Account

To delete Receiptify from the Spotify consideration, follow the instructions below:

  • Initially log in to Spotify.
  • On the primary menu, select Account, followed by Preferences.
  • Choose the “Remove” option beside Receiptify at the bottom of the Settings page.
  • Select Uninstall to confirm and close the Settings screen.
  • Log out and then return to Spotify.
  • From the primary screen, choose Account, and Settings.
  • Scroll all the way until you reach the bottom of the freshly created account choices screen and select the “Reactivate” option next to Receiptify.
  • Input your username and password and select Activate to add the Receiptify to your account’s settings.

Socialize Your Spotify Receipt

Once you’ve made your Spotify receipt, click the share icon to publish it on Instagram, Twitter, or another communication channel. You may also snap an image of the ticket and directly share it on your internet accounts with a personalized message. Remember to use the hashtags #SpotifyReceipt to help the article go viral.

Those you are closest to and following are likely interested in hearing the tunes you happened to be listening to the most. There’s a decent possibility you’ll wind up meeting and creating new acquaintances who share your musical tastes.

Are there ways to Create The Apple Music Receipt?

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

Receiptify enables the music service’s customers to generate audio receipts. Both the app and the website make use of the Apple Music API to do this. Yet, the “Login with Apple Music” button has since disappeared from the Receiptify site. There have been no formal comment on the cause for this as of now.

We’re hopeful it’s only a temporary glitch and that you’ll be able to create an Apple Music invoice soon. To do so, open Receiptify in a web-based application and login in to the Apple Music subscription. After that, pick the period of the note to view the most-played tunes during that time.

Receiptify additionally works with Last. FM, and you may make a receipt for it by logging in with your username and password. It is an excellent tool for creating various types of invoices and posting them to the internet to entice following.

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

How Do You Create A YouTube Music Receipt?

Receiptify isn’t yet capable of creating receipts for YouTube Music, like it can for Spotify or Apple Music. Yet, the functionality may be introduced shortly since Michelle, who is the tool’s proprietor, wants to upgrade it. If you utilize YT Music, you are going to wait a while before receiving your own certificate.

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt


For the time being, you may start listening to music on Apple Music, Spotify, or and then create an invoice to share on the internet. Alternatively, you may create a receipt by inserting your favorite tracks in the identical manner. That is something we can assist you with. Thank you for telling us in the responses.

Receiptify - How to Make Your Spotify Receipt

What Are Receiptify’s Advantages?

The following are some of Receiptify’s most notable features are presented here to ensure your convenience:

  • Receiptify integrates with Apple, Spotify, or Last FM.
  • It is a fantastic independent tool that analyzes one’s Spotify listening patterns to generate personalized’receipts’ (similar to sales receipt) of the user’s favorite tunes for the month before, the six months prior, and all-time.
  • It features a simple UI on your smartphone.
  • To generate Spotify invoices, the Receiptify Spotify Apis backbone employs complicated calculations to determine the most listened music in a user’s collection.
  • This Spotify certificate generator collects the greatest played tunes or listening activity across your music library on Spotify collections for the previous month, six-month period, and throughout the years.
  • As an invoice, it displays the ten most played music, creators, and categories from the Spotify collections.
  • In closing, this application enables invoices to be shared on social networking platforms, influenced by the profile on Instagram AlbumReceipts, which makes receipts depending on a collection, each song length stated as number and the whole duration displayed as overall time consumed by the whole band.

Some Additional Spotify-Related Programs

When you use Spotify, which is you’ve almost likely used one of the several third-party applications that work with music-on-demand providers. In addition to Receiptify, we’ve compiled an assortment of a few additional Spotify-related applications that are well worth checking out.

  • PokePlaylist

Pokemon aficionados, cheer up: your favorite Spotify songs and metrics have been transformed into Pokemon badges. It generates decks of Pokémon of the leading three artists you listen to on Spotify, which is including with statistics on their renown, number of supporters, and popular tracks.

  • Obscurify

You may get a sense of how unusual your musical preferences are through the use of the Obscurify tool. The song list and mood analysis rate your musical tastes. It bases its selections on how dynamic, lively, and enjoyable the song you’ve been listening to most recently is. If that’s not enough, you can also get a breakdown of your musical tastes by ten years, along with a list of the finest music you listened to throughout the period in question.

  • Testify

Festify accomplishes precisely what its moniker suggests: it converts the users’ favorite musicians into a visual representation of an outdoor concert lineup. It links to Spotify and gets data about prominent performers, transforming it into an eye-catching graphic print that resembles a music event program list.

  • MusicScape

If you’re looking for a basic scene power source, go past MusicScape. Musicscape creates a setting for you depending on what song you listened to by using peaceful images with fundamental patterns and pastel colors.

Last Words

Many individuals and users posted their receipts on their social networking sites and IDs and learned about other individuals and their hearing patterns. It’s incredible to learn that there’s a method to transform your Spotify listening habit in a real receipt! Receiptify renders it easy to do such. You are not required to pay any fees or subscriptions. As a result, there is no excuse not to attempt it. Visit this page to know about the details of it along with ways to utilize it.

Is Receiptify secure?

Receiptify is absolutely secure to use because it collects no information about you beyond how you use it. You only need to join in to your music streaming service or Apple Music music account to provide access to your listening habits. We suggest using the website itself for an extra degree of protection, as installing the app might be dangerous at sometimes.

Receiptify FAQ’s

  • Question:- Do you happen to know how you can locate my Receiptify from Spotify?

Answer- Your invoices will be visible once you log into your account page. In addition, when you begin the trial offer and sign up for an unfamiliar service for the initial a period of time we will receive a verification email.

  • Question:- Why is Receiptify failing to work properly?

Answer- If you are unable to create a Spotify and Apple Music subscription receipts using Receiptify, the initial thing you should check was if pop-ups are disabled on your web browser. You may produce a receipt by unlocking them while on the web page.